This cable only sell to phone repair masters and engineers, If you don’t know how to use this DCSD cable, Please contact us before placing order. Thank you.

1. This DCSD cable doesn’t work alone, it need to work with software, and must require MACBOOK to trun on iPhone purple mode. 2. It’s better to do a test whether you can turn on iPhone/iPad purple mode or not, by using ordinary USB cable + purple program on Macbook. 3. Purple program download address:!as4DgJAJ!beJaGm6jeWmzQZUok_YN1w 4. After turn on purple mode, it’s better to download WL assitance software on WINDOWS PC , Connect purpled iPhone to WINDOWS PC by DCSD cable to rewrite nand data, it has teach video on item link. Thank you.

DCSD Cable Allows you to write data to SysCfg (System Configuration) partition of iPhone Nand Memory

Features: 1. MAC system is required, MAC OS newer 10.14, best on 10.14.6. 2. Intended for factory programming 3. Fast data transfer (Double FT232 IC) 4. Enter the purple screen can batch operation 5. Stable and durable work. 6. Suit for 7/7P/8/8P/X , Only support a part of iPad models


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